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Where Should You Use Industrial Ethernet Switches?

Ethernet equipment with control panels are used across several places and for multiple applications. This equipment is easily available on the market and it is also inexpensive. This equipment works in homes, industries or on the bench and it certainly functions in a control application.

There are many uses of industrial Ethernet switch and works effectively for automation purposes:

Switch Power
Retail and office equipment require regulated power supplies and that plug into a common line voltage duplex outlet. These power supplies are called “Wall Wart” and it hangs from a duplex holder. If a holder is not present in the control panel then it means extra cost.

Professional building automation Ethernet switches are low voltage because they’re powered from a wide range of AC or DC operating voltages allowing the same equipment to work worldwide. It is simple to power a professional building Ethernet switches from the same power as the other control panel because most control panels either run from AC or DC sources. There is no need for a higher voltage in the panel to power the Ethernet Switch.

In a control panel mounting takes extra labor and material either by fabricating a shelf to hold the unit. Building automation Ethernet switches are made for control panel mounting. A DIN clip is provided for DIN-rail mounting and flanges are provided for panel mounting. When the professional building Ethernet switches are mounted once then it appears like belonging with the other equipment.

Redundant Power
The Ethernet Switch is decisive to control system operation and function continuously. A loss of primary power disrupts system operation. And retail and office equipment have no provisions of redundant power. But a Professional Building Automation Ethernet Switches have redundant power connections. That redundant power connection allows the switch to continue to run without disruption from the loss of primary power. The features of redundant power can be powered from AC to DC power and the backup power doesn’t need to have the identical capability. In redundant power, any voltage source serves as a backup power source including batteries.

These are some uses of the industrial Ethernet switch. With Ethernet Switches, you can efficiently protect your profits and provide improved customer satisfaction.


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