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What Is the Difference Between Ethernet Switch, Splitter, and Hub?

Ethernet switch is an important part of the telecommunication process as we can hardly live without an internet network today. Ethernet switch, splitter, and hub are basically used for connecting different networking devices to each other. Since all of these can optimize the network in a secure and effective way, they are quite different from each other.

There are times when you are short on Ethernet ports and want to divide the cable or connection into two. But when you begin looking into Ethernet solutions, you came to know that there is a different choice of elements called switch, splitter, and switch. Come and let’s take a look at a slight difference between Ethernet Switch, Splitter, and Hub.

Ethernet Switch
An Ethernet switch is a high-performance networking mechanism that provides various ports to connect more devices like printers, cameras, computers, and so on. Through the ports, the data switch receives incoming data packets and redirects the data to its anticipated area within a LAN. There are a number of industrial Ethernet switch available in the market such as 5 port industrial Ethernet switch, 8 port industrial Ethernet switch, and other similar products. Whether you have 4 port or 8 port switch, you can simply use one port to connect the switch to the router through Ethernet.

Ethernet Splitter
An Ethernet splitter has the ability to split a single internet connection to create additional connections so that other devices on a network could be connected. It is one of the vital passive devices which indicate that it does not need any external power except light to connect. When you have an excess of short Ethernet cables and need just a couple of long ones, splitter comes in a handy.

Ethernet Hub
An Ethernet hub is used for connecting multiple Ethernet devices to each other and creating a single network segment. When a switch makes pathways to specifically allow the packets of each device to communicate with the router, then Ethernet hub works the best. It acts as a wide chamber loaded with network traffic where packets go and broadcast to find the visible connecting device. It works pretty much similar to switches so don’t get confuse while buying this.

Both Ethernet switch and splitters can improve the network and makes the entire telecommunication process super easy and safe. You can get 5 port industrial Ethernet switch, industrial PoE switch and various active or passive products from a high-tech fiber optic solutions provider.


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