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What is a Fiber Optic Patch Cord? How to Pick the Right One?

Fiber optic patch cord can be defined as a fiber optic cable with connectors at both end that allows it to be connected to a range of devices including an optical switch, CATV or so other compatible telecommunications device.

Used for interconnect-style cabling, these are used for a range of connection applications and are preferred for improved security, reliability and adaptability. The applications of fiber optic patch cords are wide in number including fiber optic sensor, fiber optic communication system, FTTH, and much more. Owing to its benefits and convenience and effective usage in varied applications, patch cords are being widely adopted in data and telecommunication processes.

How to Pick The Patch Cord Specific to Your Application Needs?
As there are varied types of patch cords and different application requirement of users, it is imperative to pick the right patch cord that effectively meets your requirement. For this, follow the below appended tips:

Know the Connector Type
Each end of the patch cord is fitted with a connector which is specific to be used with particular device. This is extremely important to know which connecter is suitable for your device so as to pick the appropriate patch cord owing to right connector type (SC/LC/FC/ST/MPO/MTP).

Duplex or Simplex Cord
Duplex is used for common transceivers and has two fiber patch cables placed beside each other. Simplex patch cord has single cable and one connector at each end and is used for bi-directional transceivers.

Single Mode or Multi Mode
If you want long distance data transmission go for single mode patch cord and is commonly available in yellow color, while for short distance multi-mode is the apt choice which you can find in aqua or orang color.

Consider the Jacket Type
There are generally three jacket types you will find in patch cords and all these have different specific characteristics which you must assess beforehand to pick the right one as per your application. These three types include Low Smoke Zero Halogen, Polyvinyl Chloride and Optical Fiber Nonconductive Plenum.

Consider the Cable Length
As the devices you want to connect may be placed at different distances depending on the industry and application, you must know the right length of the patch cord you want.

Going through these aspects will help you pick the proper and best-fitting fiber optic patch cord specific to your industrial application requirement.


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