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SC Fiber Media Converter

SC Fiber Media Converter

SC Fiber Media Converter Manufacturer and Supplier in China
The media converters are designed to transfer and receive data over one optical fiber. The electrical interface will automatically negotiate to a range of Ethernet rate without any alternations. It is more likely to fulfill the need for new technologies, networking system and data communication in today’s environment.

FlyingFiber is a renowned SC fiber media converter manufacturer and supplier in China focused on providing convenient and flexible conversion of Ethernet data to fiber optical signals, even in tough industrial conditions. With the benefit of secure transmission, no spark hazard, greater bandwidth, immunity to EMI/RFI and transients, our media converters give a reliable conversion from copper wire to fiber optic cable.

Not only this, but we also offer complete technical support to guide you through fiber project planning and networking devices, along with after-sales support for quality operations and low maintenance. Our many years of experience in Ethernet switches and fiber modem allows us to assist you with current and future optic connectivity projects.

SC Fiber Media Converter – Offer Reliable and Stable Ethernet Data Conversion
Our fiber optic media converters could be a cost-effective way to transparently convert copper to fiber or fiber to copper for connecting sub-networks to large fiber optic networks. We offer SC fiber Ethernet ports which can be incorporated easily into a wide range of network infrastructures and gives ultra-fast speed with auto-negotiation.


  1. Single-mode and multimode with SC connectors
  2. Support larger fiber-optic distance
  3. LED indications
  4. Compatible with a wide range of fiber optical cables
  5. Store-and-forward device
  6. A built-in electrical circuit, static and surge protection
  7. Auto-sensing and fast Ethernet speed
  8. Compact design and wall mountable

Our fiber media converters offer optimum network scalability and high-speed bandwidth for connecting two or more Ethernet data ports to meet the rising demands of networking systems. We support our clients at every stage from design to production and service to ensure delivering high-quality products.

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