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100M Fiber Media Converter

100M Fiber Media Converter

100M Fiber Media Converter Manufacturer and Supplier in China
To satisfy the advanced networking requirements, industries need a device that makes it possible to connect two different dissimilar media types such as copper-based and structured cabling systems. In such cases, fiber media converters come to the rescue. If you are looking for a compatible media converter for data communication protocols like Ethernet, we are here to help.

FlyingFiber is a top-notch manufacturer and supplier of 100M fiber media converter in China that strive to provide customers with quality service, complete technical support and high-grade solutions. We are dedicated to offering premium products that ease signals transmission and conversion without compromising on performance and output.

Our media converters are designed to transmit and receive data over optical fiber while keeping the specifications and needs of each customer in mind. We fabricate products using embedded technology, standards and easy configuration system. Our main aim is to develop innovative products and practical solutions by which every industry can enjoy the maximum return of investment and installation convenience.

100M Fiber Media Converter – Supports a Wide Range of Fiber Optic Cables At FlyingFiber, we offer a large selection of fiber optic media converters that convert electrical signals into light, enabling data to transferred over fiber optic cabling. This allows data to transmit farther, mitigate EMI/RFI disruption and offers secure data communication. We produce fiber modems in several models based on the protocol selected.


  1. Converts 100M Ethernet to optical fiber signals and vice versa
  2. Single-mode and multimode with SC/ST connectors
  3. LED indications
  4. Built-in surge, circuit and static protection
  5. Supports full- or half-duplex backpressure flow with auto-negotiation capabilities
  6. Strong compatibility and high reliability

The electrical interface will automatically connect and regulate the flow of signal to 100Mbps Ethernet rate without any adjustments and configuration. We supply both single and dual fiber type that is convenient to use from copper to fiber devices. With its advanced technology and built-in competences, it makes easier to transmit and receive signals via the same optical fiber.

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