Media Converter

1000M Fiber Media Converter

1000M Fiber Media Converter

1000M Fiber Media Converter Manufacturer and Supplier in China
Media converters are efficient devices used to connect two types of devices or LANs that aren’t entirely relatable because of different speeds, media types (twisted pair, fiber), operation types and modes. This has the ability to extend the Ethernet network beyond 100meters limitation enforced by copper cable. Today, these devices are widely used in networking system to support new applications, technologies and growth.

We proud ourselves of being a prominent manufacturer and supplier of 1000M fiber media converter in China that allows you to enjoy the benefits of fiber optics over copper without any need for external electrical interfaces and equipment. Our devices come with a lightweight design, longer distance capabilities, higher bandwidth and EMI immunity.

Our devices can also help you to increase the productive life of your existing cabling as well as the active instrument. At FlyingFiber, you can choose from a wide range of modular chassis-based converters, standalone media converters, single-mode and multimode type, and SFP ports. .

1000M Fiber Media Converters – Enjoy Ultra-Fast Long Distance Connections
Our 1000M fiber optic media converter is a high-end data communication system enclosed in a heavy-duty material that ensures long distance data transmission, resistant to EMI/RFI, protection from extreme electrical exposure and harsh atmospheric conditions. .


  1. Auto-negotiation capabilities
  2. Convert twisted pair Ethernet connection into single-mode or multimode fiber connection
  3. Compact design that fits anywhere without the need for entire rack. Auto MDI/MDIX
  4. Status LEDs for information
  5. Plug & play
  6. Support high performance function on each port
  7. Requires no configuration
  8. Low power consumption
  9. Flow control fully supported
  10. Full duplex bi-directional transmission
  11. Built-in surge, over-current and static protection.

Our media converters are fabricated while taking the protocols, needs and factors into consideration to ease transmission within the electrical system. Our converters are compatible with a wide range of protocols such as 10/100/1000Base Ethernet and much more. With this, you can leverage your existing network and get all set for a reliable network for the future. .

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